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Clean Boats Clean Waters on Loon Lake

Summer 2014 Boat Landing Monitoring

Volunteers are needed to continue monitoring and surveying boaters at the landing for our ongoing AIS grant requirements.  As explained at our May Lake Association meeting – volunteers now can monitor whenever it is a convenient time, rather than have to signup in advance for a specific time slot.  This means you can monitor at the boat landing any day of the week, and any time during daylight hours.  

Check the calendar,  E-mail Dave the date and time you would like to volunteer. Print off the forms (see below).  E-mail Dave and he will drop off supporting material.  Return all material to Dave after your shift.

The watercraft inspection report and instructions how to monitor and the message you want to present, were handed out at the meeting. If you want to monitor more than once, make another copy of the watercraft inspection report.

Thank you in advance for giving of your time for “your Loon Lake”. Monitoring questions – contact Dave Nusbaum at 715-745-2316 or email acheesehd@aol.com  

2013 was our 9th year of aquatic invasive species monitoring and boater surveys for our Loon Lake landing.  Thank you to all willing volunteers who made this possible.  Boater surveys showing statistics by both county and statewide can be found at www.uwsp.edu/cnr/uwexlakes/cbcw   Please check this out for some very interesting information.

How to Take Action to Stop Aquatic Invasive Species!
Boaters and Anglers:

  • INSPECT your boat, trailer, and equipment and
  • REMOVE any attached aquatic plants or animals (before launching, after loading, and before transporting on a public highway)
  • DRAIN all water from boats, motors, and all equipment.
  • DON’T MOVE live fish away from a waterbody.
  • DISPOSE of unwanted bait in the trash.
  • BUY minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer. Use leftover minnows only under certain conditions*

*You may take leftover minnows away from any state water and use them again on that same water.  You may use leftover minnows on other waters only if no lake or river water or other fish were added to their container.

New Boat Washing Station at County Park

Shawano County Park on the north shore, has installed a new free boat washing station for everyone’s use.  It is a convenient and fast way to power wash down your boat after use in other area lakes and before launching your boat in Loon Lake.  Shawano Lake along with Cloverleaf Lakes, Moshawquit Lake, and Legend Lakes all have been found to be infested with adult and larval zebra mussels.  By using this precautionary measure of boat washing will help prevent this invasive species from being transported into Loon Lake. 

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